Tactics in basketball – what is the big question!

Tactics in basketball probably helps to one team in order to gain some advantage with the previous development of the game with target motions, using allowed actions on the court, which should “punish” certain weaknesses of the opponent team. Basketball tactics is something without one team can not fit a modern basketball, something without one team would look like “out of tune”.

What is necessary to know about modern basketball tactics

Basketball tactics completely fail when one, two or more players in one team “forget” their tasks, motions, lines of movement, etc. Therefore, it is necessary to repeat the tactical tasks in the certain number of times, as the trainer considers necessary for his team to absorb the given tasks and to fulfill it at a certain point.

Tactics in basketball – my definition

Coach Georgi Bujukliev: “In my opinion, regardless of whether an attack or a defense, the tactics in basketball is a pre-written program, a program that should produce positive results and be “made” by every player.”

The contradiction of tactics in basketball

On the other hand, the beauty of the basketball is to find the best solutions in a small space in the smallest time unit. Additionally, the most beautiful thing would be when the creation of the solution is an unexpected positive answer in the game. In this case, the big question arises, whether and to which extent tactics in basketball are killing the creation and the beauty of this beautiful sport?

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