nba quotesNBA is a dream of every basketball coaches and players in the world.

Therefore, the best basketball players from Europe and other continents have always wanted to try in the NBA. For them is NBA as a final exam in a basketball career. NBA is a best of the world league where it is greatest concentration of basketball quality. It is therefore understandable that most of the good basketball quotes come just from the NBA.
From a large number of NBA basketball quotes, here we will show only ten.

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“(Jordan, 42, said he could still make a contribution to an NBA team.) Even though, physically, I can`t do it, the mind says. `Yeah, I can still do it`and I still think I can do it better than most in the NBA, … Driven From Within.”
Michael Jordan

Just because we play in the NBA or coach in the NBA (doesn’t mean) we are not human. We are supermen. For me, getting shot is scary.”
George Karl

A lot of times things get blown out of proportion in a negative light, especially in the NBA, … But there are a lot of players in the NBA who realy care about the community and want to use their basketball-playing ability for a good cause.”
Kobe Bryant

I expect more people from China and Asia to end up in the NBA.”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar

Coaching in the NBA is not easy. It`s like a nervous breakdown with a paycheck.”
Pat Williams

It`s not the NBA Finals, it`s not even a regular-season game. It`s the All-Star game, it`s a celebration. A celebration of talent, speed, grace. Let`s put it on display and have some fun.”
David Stern

The NBA has the best point guards in the world, so it is important that I come ready to play every night.”
Steve Nash

We have up to 38 million viewers who watch at least one NBA game in China per week (on free television).”
Mark Fischer

Am I ready? It is like going into the NBA draft? Who is ready? You just get in there and you learn on the run.”
Rick Brunson

I think the NBA will certainly survive without Michael Jordan.”
Kareem Abdul-Jabbar


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