Basketball in Germany

I am Georgi Bujukliev, basketball coach and promoter.
During the last ten years I live in Germany, where I am basketball coach and played continuously for several basketball teams.
I’ll be back later on this period of my life.

First, I’ll put one “long look” back at my beginnings!

I promise it will be a shortened version, I will not go into details.Smile
I have no intention to write a biography, I just want to give you some basic notions about me, to know who is your basketball friend on this web place.
My basketball way began in a country that unfortunately no longer exists. This country was a basketball giant in global terms – Yugoslavia. This country had one of
the best basketball school in the world. Confirmation of this are many trophies by the European and world basketball championships.
From this school was created a significant number of top basketball players and eminent experts.

basketball club Red StarTherefore I am proud of my first basketball knowledge built just at that school.
Junior days I spent in the famous basketball club Red Star Belgrade. It was a kind of club can only wish for, organized and charismatic. Then I played several successful seasons in domestic clubs as a first team player.

Followed the invitations of foreign clubs. I decided to accept the invitation of a basketball club in Israel. It was a great experience for me, because Israel is a country in which the basketball game is very strong, but thay have real quality basketball.
Next period I spent in Iceland – Land on the island, very special land but with very few sunny days.
However, Iceland stayed in my nice memory because of beautiful basketball moments and friendly people.

Finally, I arrived again at the beginning of my story. Everyone has a country or place that stays the longest. That country for me is Germany. Here I founded my family and continued my engagement in basketball until today.
Here people¬†know me for that I have a dual role in the halls of basketball –
as a basketball coach and player at the same time.
It is very hard and responsibly. I hate to praise myself but the fact is that I’m still the best scorer in my basketball team what can be checked online in the official statistics of German Basketball Federation.
However, in the recent years, I put the accent on the basketball coaching. I helped
many young players to become good basketball players. In addition to team training,
I perform also individual basketball trainings with some talented players.
Several times I managed to introduce my teams in the higher ranking competitions, but it never happened to my team drop to a lower rank of the competition.
I think that this is one of my greatest achievements in basketball.
As a basketball coach I have a A license from German Basketball Federation. It can be seen HERE and HERE.


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