9 Tips to Obtain a Proper Basketball Shooting Mechanics (PART ONE)

How to have a a proper basketball shooting mechanics. Almost every basketball player wants to be a great shooter in basketball. But everyone can not achieve that. In order for a basketball player to have excellent basketball shots, it is not enough that he has a talent for basketball shooting. It is a process that contains multiple elements. To achieve optimal shooting  in basketball is a process that contains multiple elements. See what else you need to pay attention when training basketball shooting, in order to become a real basketball shooter and basketball scorer in the shortest possible time.

Constantly keep  your view towards the target

First, you need to know which point is your target in basketball shooting. This is usually a point on the basketball rim (that could be the front, the back or the center of the rim). When you are preparing for a basketball shot during the game, you should first locate your target in the shortest possible time. It is very important to keep a look at this target during the basketball shot. So, your view should not follow the flight of the ball. This is a common mistake made by basketball players. Try to avoid this.

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Have always a balance in basketball shooting

In order  to have a balance in basketball shooting, the width between the feet should be approximately equal to the width of the shoulder. The shooting foot should be slightly ahead and non-shooting foot should  be in a comfortable position. The weight of your body should be equally distributed between on both feet. Basketball shooting stance may be different (open or little closed), but consistency is essential. Keep always your most suitable stance at basketball shooting.

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Have consistent basketball shot pocket

Basketball shot pocket is the starting position of the ball that suits you most when you start basketball shooting. This is usually the area around the stomach, somewhere in the middle of the body. Also, the ball can be a bit on the side of the shooting hand. But there is no strict rule what is the right shot pocket. Try to find the one that suits you the most end keep it always at your basketball shooting. That will help you to shoot always in the same way, actually to achieve mechanics in basketball shooting. Always when you catch the ball, bring it quickly into position of the shot pocket before you make the basketball shot.

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Set up your grip of the ball

In order to be well prepared for the basketball shot, when you hold the ball your fingers should be enough widespread to have ball control. The balance of the ball should be on one hand. You should hold the ball with a finger pads, not with the palm. There should always be a little space between the ball and the palm.

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Limit your balance hand at basketball shooting

The balance hand is actually non-shooting hand. The balance hand only helps to bring the ball to the shot position till the basketball shot begins. Your balance hand should be on the side of the ball and should not affect the rotation of the ball.

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