9 Tips to obtain a PBSM Proper Basketball Shooting Mechanics (PART TWO)

We continue with the remaining 4 tips regarding better shooting in basketball. Check out also the PART ONE of the article “9 Tips to obtain a proper basketball shooting mechanics”.

The grip of the ball

Are you paying attention to your grip the ball before the shot? This is the preparatory phase of basketball shooting. This is very important, and if you miss that, it can affect your complete basketball shooting technique.
1) How should be the fingers on the ball? You need to spread the fingers enough apart in order to balance the ball in one hand.
2) How sit the ball on the hand? The ball sit on your finger pads!
3) How does the palm in relation to the ball? You should leave a small space between the palm and the ball. That space is about to pass the pencil.

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Delivery of the ball at basketball shooting

This is second important step in basketball shooting mechanicsFirst thing is that the delivery of the ball should be smooth. The motion of the ball start from the shot pocket. The ball goes up without dipping. The elbow should be positioned comfortably below the ball. Shooting hand should be in the line with the rim. The ball should be in front of you, not behind the head. The whole body should uncoil in coordination with the shot of the ball. Starting from the legs, through the core to the arms, you need to do one cohesive and harmonious movement. The elbow and the wrist should expand in a straight line to the rim.

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Upforce and landing at basketball shooting

At what point do you release the ball for the path to the rim? Release the ball in the moment before you reach the top of the jump. The upforce is generated from your legs, use that! Which spot should be to land after the shot of the ball? The spot of the land should be the same where you jumped. It indicates that you have a balance in the shot.

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The hand ball follow through

The first thing is that the wrists should be relaxed. Where should be pointed the fingers? The fingers should be pointed in the same direction as the ball, actually to the target, that is at the basketball shooting the rim. Have high finish, should see the fingers at the top square. Hold this position till the ball hits the rim.

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Applying these 9 tips, you are on the right track to achieve a proper basketball shooting mechanics.

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