11 Ways to Fix Individual Basketball Defense (PART TWO)

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6. Have transparency of the player and the ball

When playing an individual basketball defense or one on one defense, you can not just watch the player, and forget about the ball. During the game, you always need to know where the player is and where the ball is. Otherwise, it may happen that the ball goes towards you or even hits your body without you noticed that in advance. Also, if you only look to the ball and forget about your player, he can run behind your and easily score.

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7. Discipline is half the success

Sometimes may happen in the game that even you are trying to play a solid one on one defense, your player score points once or several times. In such situations, it is very important that you continue to play the defense even stronger than before.Then it is particularly important to keep your mental stability and not to give up.

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8. Correct aggressiveness in defense

One of the common weaknesses in the defense is to be passive in the game. You can not successfully play defense in basketball if you just watch the happenings on the court if you do not have a more aggressive approach reasonably. In other words, you should be constantly active in the defense. In doing so, you should always try to block the shots and interrupt passing of the opposing team.

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9. Playing defense without fear

As much as a strong opposing player, you should not be afraid when you play the one on one defense. Fear can block your ability to play a solid defense in basketball. This indicates that you need to be mentally prepared to play the defense as you wish.

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10. Direct your player to his weaker side

Most basketball players have their own stronger and weaker side, or a stronger and weaker hand in the game.Try to evaluate the weaker side of your player and try to direct him to that side. You can obtain that by setting your body at a certain angle while playing the defense.
Also, if you notice that your player misses a shots from some positions, try to force him to repeat such shots again.

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11. Do not allow easy scores from the transition

When your team is in offense and some of your teammates miss the shot, it is very important that you react quickly. You need to prevent as much as possible, their quick transition to the offense and quick and easy scoring of your player. You do not have to wait for the opposing team rebound and than to react. You should immediately note where your player is and return to the defense with a quick sprint.

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Turn these elements into your game and you’ll play better individual basketball defense or one on one defense.


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